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Welcome to Exotic Faces website! Please come and explore a revolutionary way to enjoy a website that offers a challenging new way to enjoy Art, travel and Spa. The founder and CEO of Exotic Faces is an Art Major, Esthetician, Content Writer, Philanthropist and Travel Specialist. KB has set out to challenge the traditional set up of websites in the 21 Century by offering consumers a way to enjoy art, philanthropy, skincare, spa and travel. Coming in the Summer of 2022, Exotic Faces will be offering virtual skincare and beauty consultations. We will provide a donation link for donations to be offered in the near future for scholarships and grants to struggling students, food pantries, homeless shelters and victims of  domestic violence and victims of human trafficking and exploitation. Please join us for a revolutionary way to help others in times of humanitarian need. 

Season Sale

Exotic Faces three piece cleaning oil, herbs and vitamin set is sold at a value of 300.00  in a number of Spas but for a short period of time, it will be sold for 50% off at EF Day SPA. 150.00

Free Shipping

Free Shipping for purchases over 250.00. Please be advised that your product or service may include International customs and taxes that will be charged by your country. These charges must be paid by the recipient of the order. We have no control over these charges and can not predict what the charges may be for your country. Please contact your local Customs Office for further information if you have concerns. We will not  refund purchases due to import, customs and taxes. ALL SALES ARE FINALE. If you refuse a package because of the customs fee and the carrier returns the package, the charges will be deducted from your debit and/or credit card on file including the original  shipping  charges and free shipping will also  be charged to your card.

Money Back

To ensure the safety and health of our customers and staff, Exotic Faces will not allow returns or exchange during the Covid-19 Pandemic until future notice. If at any time in the future products are returned, they must be returned in a new or gentle used condition. Exotic Faces monitors return activity for abuse and reserves the right to limit returns in all instances. Rewards  of any kind attached to all products will be removed when the transaction is processed. All products are subjected to validation and approval at Exotic Faces discretion. We may ask you for a  Driver’s License or Government ID to verify your identity. Please be advised, no returns during Covid-19. If you make a purchase and decide that you want to return the purchase after it has been delivered, your card will be charged and you could be charged for shipping and customs and taxes charged by your country.


EF understands the complexities of our amazing ecosystems and Appreciates the live organic plants in our rain forests that are healthy and nourishing to our skin. However, there are elements in our environment that are simply meant for our enjoyment. Gases, Air Pollution, and the sun could be damaging to our skin and we need to apply skincare products to protect our skin from our natural environment which allows for us to enjoy our beautiful planet.


Yes, It is safe to order on line and we work strategically to keep your information private.

We do not guarantee 100% time deliveries due to holidays and Covid-19 Pandemic dynamics. Please expect orders within  7 business days and 10 business days for  International orders.

Yes, We expect a number of products and services to increase in the Summer 2022

Yes, Exotic Faces will be providing virtual skincare consultation in which    customers could have their skin assessed for skin type and condition questions. Please be advised, Exotic Faces does not diagnosis or make promises to cure skin conditions. Please see your Dermatologist for serious skincare conditions.

Virtual skincare consultations for Summer 2022 will be delayed until further notice.

Will Exotic Faces provide a link to travel destinations in the near future?

Yes, but due to a number of travel dynamic during Covid-19 this service to Exotic Faces website may face a delay until future notice.

In the near future, Exotic Faces will be proving a link for information about how the donations will be allocated to legal business institutions in the U.S.A.  Exotic Faces would like to provide a link in the near future for customers and victims of abuse, food pantry agencies and struggling students to  participate in an annual drawing a number of times within the year to receive funding directly from Exotic Faces company. Participants will have to provide valid government issued ID and or Business licenses to participate.. These drawings will be independent of  other funding allocated directly to educational institutions, homeless shelters and victims of abuse agencies. While providing funding to those in need within the U.S.A is our short term goal, our long term goal is to connect to third world countries to provide funding for clean drinking water and humanitarian donations globally.

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