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The cleansing oils are amazing!! I love the Rose & Gold Toner as well.. I felt like I was having a spa experience in the comfort of my home with steam The all natural three piece skincare set is worth the money!! The cleansing oil bottles are 4 oz per bottle and that is 240 ml. If you buy this set in a high end spa, you will pay $300-400 dollars. My skin has healed from Acne and I have smooth glowing skin that feels silky and clean. Thank You Exotic Faces! 4 STARS.
Mary Smith
The ingredients feel so organic on my skin and they are really of quality. Worth every dime. I will buy the cleansing oil set again.
La Donna. 4 STARS
The Rose & Gold Toner feels very soothing to the skin after the cleansing oil and it is hydrating to the skin and it helped with clearing up my acne too. 4 STARES
Sandy Jones
The Lemon Vanilla Balm---oh my God!! It smells so amazing!! It's a specialty lip balm that penetrates the lips and it stays on the lips for a long time. I have cold sore out breaks and this lip balm has help to control my cold sore out breaks I will buy this specialty lip balm again. 4 STARS
Patricia Bright
I thought the lip balm was just ok but I thought that it could be a little larger in size. 2 STARS
Kim Edwards
I love having clean smelling breath for my Boo!! The Lemon Vanilla lip balm helps to enhance my fresh smelling breath.3 STARS
Suzin Komo
The Black Tea & Vitamins has real organic cold pressed ingredients that penetrates the skin and detoxes it. Try it with steam. 4 STARS
Dorothy wong


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